The benefits of our beam services,

Our beaming facilities allow us to:


This is the process that takes yarn from a cone and put it onto a beam ready for bleaching or dyeing. We can creel up to 640 ends on to each individual dye beam. We have 2 West Point creels that we use for this process.

Bleach/ Dye the yarn:

We can bleach/ dye up to four beams at a time at weights up to 100 kg per beam. We have full visual quality controls over the beams whilst dyeing.

Tape/ Sizing:

All of our dye beams can be sized, whilst producing a weavers beam, which cannot be done when section warping. Sized warps dramatically increases weaving efficiency. We can run up to 10240 ends together on to the weavers beam through the sizing process, thus allowing constant inspection throughout the entire warp beam. 


With our state of the art Staubli leasing machine, we can supply a quality beam that is ready for the loom.

Our Beam service is perfect for longer length warps, minimising waste, process time and cost , whilst applying size, which increases weaving efficiency.

​​Blackburn Yarn Dyers Ltd