​​Blackburn Yarn Dyers Ltd

Our Cone Services


We can pre-wind your yarn onto a dye pack in preparation for the dyeing process. We have SSM precision winders that produce a high quality dye cone with the perfect density to allow an even flow through the dye pack during the dyeing cycle.

Bleaching & Dyeing:

We can dye various batch sizes between different ranges of weights in between 40 up to 600kg

We have multiple tanks to cater for the different weight ranges, which are all controlled by automated control systems.


We have two RF Systems driers. The driers have automated settings to ensure that no matter what the substrate is that is being dried is, it will be dried perfectly leaving the correct moisture in the yarn.

We have BE-MA-TEX winder that rewinds your yarn to a set density and length whilst applying a lubricant if required.