​​Blackburn Yarn Dyers Ltd


We have created a brand called, Three Bears Yarn. Three Bears Yarn has been created so that we can offer 'finished dyed yarns' both domestically and commercially. The original idea is to offer balls and cones specifically for hand knitting and crochet.

​Three Bears Yarn will only offer the highest quality yarns available, whilst also using local yarn spinners, doublers and ballers where possible. (As well as printers and boxer makers)! We really want Three Bears Yarn to capture the imagination and magic of our textile heritage here in the Pennines, England.

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ISO 9001:2015

We are proud to announce that we are now ISO 9001:2015 certified. We have worked hard in producing our Quality Management System, although having the actual processes in place for a while now. 

We believe that we can only get better now that we are working using our ISO 9001 system.

Continuous Improvement here we come!


Through Three Bears Yarn we are creating a dyed stock range of 100% Supima Compact cotton, spun by English Fine Cottons and dyed by us. We are looking to add 2/30s, 2/40s and 2/60s in both Knitting and Weaving twist on over 40 shades. Please contact Anthony if you have any queries or for further information.

​Order your Shade card now, contact Anthony.

LEAN - Business Improvement Technique NVQ 2015 - 2016

We started our LEAN journey back in January 2015 when 16 of our employees enrolled onto a Business Improvement Technique NVQ course. For eighteen months we spent one Friday each month turning our winding room into a class room! 
The fact that 16 employees volunteered to be on the course speaks volumes for our team who wanted to improve how we operate internally but also deliver a better product to our customers. 
We value the need to continuously improve and understand the importance of Quality, Cost and Delivery. - Well Done Team!

Manual Handling Changes/ Training

We have recently changed our box size so that the maximum load that can be packed is less than 20kg gross. This was put forward and implemented by our H & S team. We took the opportunity to change the way that we label and trace individual boxes.

All of our team have been re-trained for Manual Handling in the process of the changes.